A Summer Community Club for Adults and Juniors at all levels

      Leagues – Adult Night


      Evening house league runs every Wednesday from 7-10 pm, sign up required.

      If you are interested in helping run house league please contact: evehl@centraltennisclub.com


      The Inter-County Tennis Association(ICTA) is made up of many teams throughout Toronto and the surrounding area. It is dedicated to the advancement of tennis and has teams at the Majors, A, B and C levels. For more information visit the ICTA web site.

      Central Tennis Club members at the intermediate to advanced level are encouraged to try-out for these teams in April. Try-out dates will be posted on our website when available and at the clubhouse.

      Each inter-county team has 12 players per fixture (8 men and 4 women) :

      • 3 men’s doubles teams (6)
      • 2 mixed doubles teams (4)
      • 1 ladies doubles team (2)

      B teams play on Tuesday evenings from 7pm-11pm and the A and C teams play on Thursday evening from 7pm-11pm. The season begins in early May and runs until mid-August. The schedule alternates between “home” games and “away” games.

      For more information, etc contact teams@centraltennisclub.com