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Central Tennis Club Rules

  1. Tennis attire and non-marking tennis shoes must be worn on the courts.

  2. Smoking is not allowed on the Club premises.

  3. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on Club premises, except for events with LCBO permit.

  4. Members are expected to show courtesy and respect and display good tennis etiquette to all players, members, and the public at all times. Profane language is prohibited.

  5. It is the responsibility of all members to keep the clubhouse, grounds, and courts clean and tidy and to show respect for the property.

  6. The Club’s property may not be used before the Club’s spring opening when the nets are put up, or after the final closing in the fall when the last net is taken down, without Executive approval.

  7. When an adjacent court is in use, no more than 4 balls are allowed per court, with the exception of an organized clinic or lesson given by the Club Pro.

  8. Courts are to be used only when safely dry and cleared of debris.

  9. Team play and authorized tournaments, lessons and matches shall take priority over casual play.

  10. Small children and pets shall be supervised and not be allowed to disturb other members.

  11. Guests: An adult guest may only play once a month, not in primetime. All guests’ names must be entered into the clubhouse Guest Book. Juniors may bring one guest per month during junior time.

  12. Court bookings: Members must do all court bookings in person on the chalkboard outside the clubhouse.

    • After signing up for a court, one member of the party must remain on the premises or their names may be erased.

    • A court may not be booked by a person who is already playing on a court.

    • Courts may not be booked earlier than 45 minutes or one period ahead.

    • Telephone bookings are not allowed.

    • A player who has dried the court following rain is entitled to play up to and including the next 45-minute play period.

  13. Court time may be claimed only when properly booked.

    • The names on the board must correspond to the playing arrangements on the courts, by time, by player and by court.

    • If players do not claim court time for which they were booked within five minutes of the start time, other players may claim the court by erasing the existing names and substituting their own. Members who have booked the next available slot may relinquish their booked time instead and be given priority.

    • If there is an empty un-booked court with 15 minutes or less remaining in this period, any member may occupy this court without booking or having it affect their status.

    • Junior members may occupy this court without booking or having it affect their status.

    • The clubhouse clock determines all times of bookings.

  14. Primetime:

    • Adults: Monday–Friday, 6 pm–11 pm.

    • Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 8 am–1 pm.

    • Juniors: Monday–Friday, 4 pm–6 pm.

    • Junior Clinics that continue past 6 pm will have priority.

    • During non-prime hours and exclusive of scheduled events, all members (adult and juniors) have equal tagging privileges.

  15. Public time is Saturdays and Sundays, 8 pm–11 pm. During this time, non-members may sign up to play, using the signup board, free of charge. Non-members must abide by applicable Club rules. On official public holidays that do not fall on a Saturday or Sunday, public time is 9 pm–11 pm.

  16. Pro instruction—priority hours:

    • Monday–Friday: 4 pm–7 pm.

    • Saturday and Sunday: 1 pm–6 pm.

    • The Club Pro may book courts in advance or by telephone for clinics or lessons during priority hours. Only tennis professionals—contracted by Central Tennis Club and who are also members—are permitted to coach and teach during club hours.

  17. Inactive membership: A member unable to play during an upcoming season due to health reasons, pregnancy or a move out of town may request “inactive membership” by notifying the Club during membership renewal. Inactive members will receive Club mailings and may attend social functions but have no court privileges. A small annual fee will be charged. An inactive member may convert to active membership at the next membership renewal. Inactive-Intermediate members between 18 and 24 years of age (as of January 1 or the current year) will have their name kept on the membership list but will have no social or court usage privileges and will not be charged annual dues until they return to active membership.


Any dispute relative to these rules or any infringement or questions regarding the operation thereof may be dealt with by any Executive member present and upon request may be made the subject of consideration at an Executive meeting. The Club’s Executive can suspend the membership of any member who fails to abide by these rules.