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Fees and Registration


  • Adult: $110

  • Adult Inactive: $30

  • New Adult: $140

  • Junior: $50

Payment of membership fees must be by credit card.

  • Membership fees are not refundable.

  • If you cause an error while using your credit card and your error results in Central Tennis Club being charged a fee for your error you will be required to reimburse Central Tennis Club.​

  • E-Transfer payments will NOT be accepted.



Note: If a person is 18 years of age on January 1st, 2024, that person is considered to be an Adult by Central Tennis Club.


Returning Adult Membership

  • Registration starts February 1st

  • Registration ends February 29th at one-minute before midnight

New Adult Membership

  • All new adult membership applications are currently subject to a waiting list (more information below) because our club has reached its maximum adult membership limit of 350.

  • Central Tennis Club is a community tennis club, subject to all the regulations of the City of Toronto.

  • Under these regulations, a community tennis club is allowed to limit membership.  The City of Toronto's requirement is a minimum of 100 club members per court..

  • Central Tennis Club has three courts, therefore, we are required to register a minimum of 300 members - our club exceeds this minimum and has a limited its Adult membership to 350.

  • Adult Membership Waiting List

    • Each person may place their name on our Waitlist only once. Duplicate names will be deleted.

    • City of Toronto requires community clubs to prioritize City of Toronto residents over non-City residents.

    • To place your name on our waitlist, please go to: 

    • Offers of New Adult Membership

      • The number of annual adult membership vacancies to join our club will be known on March 1st, after the registration of returning members is completed.

      • Offers of membership are made to those who have been on our waitlist the longest.


Returning Junior Members

  • Registration starts February 1st

  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be contacted via eMail to register for the 2024 season


New Junior Members

  • Registration starts February 16th

  • There is no waitlist for junior membership.

  • Junior registration continues throughout the season until Junior membership capacity has been reached.

  • A Junior member must be at least 6 years of age and no more than 17 years of age as of 12:01am January 1 each calendar year.

  • Our tennis club uses a "Family-based membership structure" where all your family members reside under one "family account". 

    • Registering a New Junior Member to the club requires Parents/Guardians to:

      • Create a "family-account" with the club; the Parent/Guardian will be the main account holder and primary contact for the "family account"

      • Parent/Guardian will subsequently register their child(ren) into the "family account" regardless if the Parent/Guardian is/isn't an adult member of the club

    • How-To-Sign-up a New Junior Member

      • All Parents/Guardians must sign-up their children via ​
        1. Non-member Parents/Guardians must start the "family account" creation process by clicking the PURCHASE MEMBERSHIP link/button situated beneath the Central Tennis Club logo found at the top-left corner of the club system page
          (N.B.: If you already have a "family account", then, jump to Step 2 below)
        2. LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT, then, follow the instructions after clicking the large oval PURCHASE NEW MEMBERSHIP link/button found on the right-side of the "Welcome Your Name" webpage​
      • If you need additional assistance with the sign-up process, please contact Mary, our club's Junior Program Director,  via

Junior Program

  • Central Tennis club invites parents/guardians to register their children as junior members and to take part in our junior tennis programs. (See above for the age limits)

  • Junior Program Registration for Spring Clinics will open on February 16th at 00:01 hr.

  • Space is limited – Sign-up early – Don’t be disappointed.

  • For more information, please visit our Junior Program webpage:

Updated: February 20, 2024

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